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Prof. dr hab. Aleksander Błaszczyk – Curriculum Vitae  

Born  4 February 1947 in Gliwice (Silesia); 

Status:  married

Nationality:  Polish

Education:       1961 Primary School
                      1965 High School
                      1965-1970 Jagellonian University and Silesian University, Katowice

Qualifications:  1970 Master
                      1974 Ph.D
                      1984 Dr hab.
                      1996 Professor

Post held:        1970-1972 Assistant (Silesian University)
                      1972-1974 Senior Assistant (a.b.)
                      1974-1986 Assistant Professor (a.b.)
                      1986-1996 Associate Professor (a.b.)
                      1996-   Full Professor

Experience: My field of interest is connected with the theory of sets and set -theoretic topology and was greatly influenced by my contacts with the Prague School and with the Moscow School. In the academic year 1975-1976 I was invited to carry out research at the Lomonosov University in Moscow, at the Faculty of the Academician P.S. Alexandroff. My papers are inspired by problems known in the theory of Boolean algebras, however, the methods used lie within the scope of general topology and set theory and infinitary combinatorics. I also give lectures to students at the Institute of Mathematics on mathematical analysis, topology, logic and supervise the preparation of their Master-theses as well as the PhD-theses. Several times I hold a position of visiting professor (for one month or more): University of Messina (1991, with a grant of  Conciglio Nazionale della Ricerche), University of Catania (1992, with a grant of CNR), Free University of Berlin (1992, with a grant of DAAD), Hebrew University of Jerusalem (1995).

1. Referee of my Ph.D. thesis were Professor R. Duda (University of Wroclaw) and Professor R. Engelking (University of Warsaw).
2. Referee of my Habilitation thesis were Professor R. Duda, Professor J. Mioduszewski (Silesian University) and Professor T. Traczyk (Technical University of Warsaw).
3. Referee of my Professorship were Professor R.Engelking , Professor B.Węglorz (University of Wroclaw) and Professor J.Mioduszewski