Certification rules 2018/2019

The organization of the process of awarding
the Master Degree in Mathematics
for the students participating
in InterMaths Programme


The following regulations elaborate on details of the Study Regulations at the University of Silesia in Katowice.


1. After submitting a Master dissertation approved by a candidate’s supervisor, the supervisor and referee are expected to submit their reports no later that three days before the date of the exam.
2. The reports are expected to contain a grade proposal.
3. The reports are expected to be made available to the candidate.


1. The diploma exam consists of two parts:
(a) defense of the dissertation,
(b) answering the questions asked by the examination committee.
2. The defense starts with a short report presented by the candidate. After the part, where the candidate is expected to present the main results of his/her dissertation, he/she is supposed to comment on the remarks contained in the referee’s and supervisor’s reports. Finally, members of the examination committee may ask additional questions regarding the dissertation. The first part of the exam ends after the candidate's responses.
3. During the second part of the exam the candidate is expected to answer questions from two topics he/she chooses before the exam.
4. Towards the end of the exam:
(a) The supervisor and the referee propose their final grades for the dissertation, considering the candidate’s performance during the exam. Their proposals are to be noted in the exam protocol.
(b) The committee agrees on grades for particular questions answered by the candidate.
(c) The committee agrees on final grades awarded for the dissertation and on the diploma.
5. The committee announces its verdict to the candidate immediately.


The material covered in each of the topics chosen by the candidate for the second part of the exam.
The candidate chooses and declares in advance two from the following topics based on the courses offered during the two last semesters:

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